How to Cook Delicious Custard Trifle

Custard Trifle. From the Syllabub blog at This trifle was delicious and a big hit with everyone! I have tried trifle with instant pudding this beats it hands down.

Custard Trifle Whisk together all ingredients in a heavy saucepan. For those that may not have had trifle before, it's basically a messy no bake dessert comprised of fruit, custard and cake. It's typically considered an English dish, which makes sense as Australians love many classic British desserts, like Eton Mess and Banoffee Pie. You can cook Custard Trifle using 6 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Custard Trifle

  1. It's 2 litres of Milk.
  2. Prepare 6 tbsp of Custard powder.
  3. You need 1 tin of Condensed Milk.
  4. Prepare 3 cups of Fruits chopped.
  5. Prepare 2 packs of Raspberry Jelly pieces.
  6. It's 2 of Vanilla cakes small packet store bought.

The type of fruits can vary - some use tinned peaches, others use fresh mangos - but I always use berries. Essentially, a trifle needs a sponge cake soaked in sherry (for adults) or fruit juice (for a nonalcoholic version), a thick layer of creamy custard, and a deep layer of lightly whipped fresh cream. The rest is all about personal preference. With my English trifle I substituted shortcake rounds on the bottom soaked w/sherry overnight.

Custard Trifle instructions

  1. Prepare the custard by boiling milk at first. After it comes to a rolling boil, simmer it on a low heat until 20 minutes. After the stipulated time, take out some of the milk about half a cup in a bowl and stir in the custard powder until lump free..
  2. Now add this back to the simmering milk along with the condensed milk and keep stirring. Increase the heat to a high and keep stirring until desired thickness is attained. Take it off the heat. Let it cool down..
  3. Chill this prepared custard in the refrigerator for an ample amount of time. Also set some Jello out of the store bought packs of your favourite flavours according to the package instructions..
  4. Cut the fruits into bite size pieces and assemble this trifle just before serving. It should be kept in mind otherwise the presence of some fruits can make the custard watery. So use only Bananas and Apples for this one as I did..
  5. In a serving bowl or shot glasses, arrange the cake pieces. Top that with the fruit layer. Finally top it up with the thick custard layer and the Jello pieces. Or else make it in a big serving dish and it will have similar 3 layers. The choice is all yours..
  6. Enjoy it chilled!.

Hot Custard or vanilla pudding cooled then pured on top of the set jello. At this point, your trifle bowl should be a little less than half full. If filling is past that point, hold back a bit on. A trifle is a layered dessert that contains custard, sherry-soaked cake, fruit, jam and whipped cream. What English Trifle Means to Me I have quite a few trifle recipes on this blog, but this English trifle recipe is one that my family has always loved.