How to Cook Delicious Super Sweet Festive Red Cabbge

Super Sweet Festive Red Cabbge.

Super Sweet Festive Red Cabbge You can have Super Sweet Festive Red Cabbge using 15 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Super Sweet Festive Red Cabbge

  1. You need of red cabbage sliced.
  2. Prepare of red onion sliced.
  3. Prepare of garlic cloves crushed.
  4. You need of tbps soy sauce.
  5. It's of red wine vin.
  6. It's of balsamic vin.
  7. It's of english mustard.
  8. It's of apple sauce.
  9. It's of honey.
  10. It's of worcester sauce.
  11. You need of butter (salted).
  12. It's of sprinkle cinnamon.
  13. Prepare of sprinkle cumin.
  14. It's of lots of salt and pepper.
  15. You need of s.

Super Sweet Festive Red Cabbge instructions

  1. Boil the sliced cabbage for 2/3 min. In a big pan add the butter, cumin, garlic and onion. let fry for a minute or 2..
  2. Drain the cabbage then add to the onion pan. add the cinnamon, soy, red wine vin, balsamic vin, mustard and worcester sauce.
  3. Leave on a low heat, stiring evwry few mins for about 30 mins,.
  4. Add the honey and apple sauce and turn the heat up slight so it starts to get a bit sticky. once it starts to get dark., take off the heat and season. leave until ready to serve then heat up again quickly..